Who are we?

Lifeworks Photography Studio began in 2008 in Rochelle. Lifeworks is a unique creative portrait studio. We aim to bring out the true emotion and personality in all your portrait sessions. Our studio is tailored for an extraordinary senior portrait experience. We retouch and refine all your ordered images and our portrait sessions are always guaranteed to satisfaction.

Why Us?

Well first of all, we’re pretty awesome and who wouldn’t t want to spend a couple of hours with us? Totally kidding…sort of. But seriously, our sessions are all about you, the senior (or your son or daughter if this is mom or dad). Each session takes a creative approach to your personality, style and tastes. Plus, we guarantee our work. Our goal is to make your senior year as memorable as possible and your portrait session is a big part of that. Our studio offers exclusive products and designs that most studios don’t offer. So if you’re ready for something new, we’re here for you.

How long are sessions?

Our senior sessions are typically between two to three hours. When you book your session, you’re guaranteed two hours, but many times we like to spend a little extra time making sure your session is absolutely perfect.

‘I’m a guy and pretty simple, isn’t that too long?’

Don’t worry, we get that a lot. We promise you won’t get bored on your session. Between driving to a few destinations, short hikes through some tall grass, sitting on rocks and getting back into the car to find a new spot, the session is over like that.

When should I have my senior portrait session?

Now! No, seriously, sooner is better than later. Why, you ask? Well several reasons. First of all, the school year is busy. During the week you have classes, after school, you probably have some sort of extracurricular to do, a part-time job and we haven’t even factored in that 10-page paper your teacher assigned. So the summer before you go back to be a senior is much better. Our studio also specializes in wedding photography, meaning the majority of our Saturdays are filled up and we don’t shoot on Sundays. If you can make a weekday work during the school year, great, but if not, summer is usually your best option. If summer is already over, try to find a day off that works best for you and call us way in advance as those dates are booked typically a month ahead of time.

‘I have a pimple and want it to clear up before I shoot, should I wait?’

Not at all. In a prehistoric time long, long ago, this used to be a big problem. Zits were noticeable in photographs. Film was used. Portrait photographers didn’t typically have the capability of getting rid of them. (Sounds horrible, I know!) But luckily we live in a modern techno-savvy world where those go away at the click of a button, or a few buttons, depending on your skin. Lifeworks Photography Studio wants only the best for you, so we retouch all images at no extra cost.

How much is the sitting fee?

Our two-hour sitting fee is 100. That pays for time, talent and editing of all images, plus your one-on-one viewing and ordering session.

How much do packages cost?

Package costs start at 299. That’s above and beyond the sitting fee. Each print is ordered individually, meaning they get personal attention, regardless of size or quantity.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. Our studio is very busy and in order to maintain the high quality and detail attention to all our senior portrait sessions, we do request that you order at least the minimum package on our investment sheet.

When and how do I pay?

Your sitting fee is due at the time of booking. That reserves the day and time so no one else can have it. Sitting fees are nonrefundable, but your sitting can be changed, provided that we are open for the day that you want it changed to and you give us at least 48 hour notice.

Do you just release the rights to the photos on a disc or USB Drive?

Not for senior portraits. We know some people may be turned away by this, and we’re sorry. But we do this for several reasons. First, we only want our senior portraits printed on the highest quality of papers, with the highest quality ink and by the highest quality technicians. Most senior portraits hang on the wall for More than 10 years. Heck, our parents still have our senior portraits hanging in their houses. If those portraits had been printed on anything other than archival ink, they’d look rotten by now. To us, that reflects poorly on the photographer, whether he was the one who printed it or not. In essence this is our artwork and we want it to be a lasting piece in your home. Secondly, most people don’t know where to go get wall portraits or how to preserve them properly. Lastly, we view the ‘burn and turn photographers’ (those who burn a disc and move on to the next shoot), as the ‘fast food’ of the photography world. Sure they’re convenient and inexpensive, but then you have to go get your drink yourself, find your own napkins and hope they didn’t forget anything in your order. Lifeworks Photography Studio is full service. We walk you through the menu, make recommendations and even ask if you’d like dessert or coffee when you’re done. We’re not trying to knock those other photographers, it’s just not our style.

What types of products do you offer?

We have access to hundreds of products and too many to label or price. Our main products that we offer though are listed on our investment sheet. Our most popular items include books, albums, iphone cases, canvas or framed prints and many others. If there is something you don’t see, but would like to know if we can get, the short answer is, yes, we can get it. Just let us know and we’d be happy to give you a price. Our products are always best viewed in person as the quality and aesthetic can’t be matched online, but just to give you an idea as to what many of those items are, please feel free to click the link below for a preview of what they look like.



Parent Book

Digital Storybook

Canvas Print

Will my photos be online?

Yes, after your session you will get a brief sneak peek of your session. After your viewing and ordering session, you will be given access to your online gallery on our website.

Well, that’s about it for the (Most) FAQ section. If there is something that went unanswered, please feel free to shoot us an email or give us a call. We’d be happy to help.